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2016 Scotch Foursomes Competition

The Matchplay competion is being replaced this year with a Scotch Foursomes competition which will be run on 22nd July in Ballymoney G.C. The winners were Pat Timmons and Brian Thompson.

2015 Schooner Matchplay Competition

Preliminary Round 1 Preliminary Round 2 (To be completed before Wicklow outing on 11th April) Round 1 (To be completed before Courtown outing on 9th May) Round 2 Semi Final Final Winner
Mick Davin Mick Davin Graham Conor Graham Conor Graham Connor Graham Connor Graham Connor
Paddy Sinnott
Jim Sugrue Graham Conor
Graham Conor
    PJ Naughter
Pat Timmons Pat Timmons
John Sweeney
Mick Timmons Mick Timmons Mick Timmons
John Wafer (P.O.)
Ned O'Connor John Dunne
John Dunne
Dave Kinsella Dave Kinsella James Sugrue James Sugrue
Noel Crowe
Gary Kinsella James Sugrue
James Sugrue
Joan Sinnott Joan Sinnott Joan Sinnott
Richard O'Connor
Pat Donnellan Pat Donnellan
Eileen O'Brien

2014 Schooner Matchplay Competition

Round 1 (To be played before Wexford outing on June 14th) Round 2 Semi Final Final Winner
John Jordan Vs John Jordan John Jordan John Jordan Jim Sugrue
Richard O'Connor
Pat Timmons Vs Pat Timmons
Mick Timmons
PJ Naughter Vs Gary Kinsella John Dunne
Gary Kinsella
Dermot Hobbs Vs John Dunne
John Dunne
N/A John Wafer Vs John Wafer Jim Sugrue
N/A John Sweeney
N/A Alan Goff Jim Sugrue
N/A Jim Sugrue

2013 Schooner Matchplay Competition

Round 1 (To be played before Courtown outing on May 11th) Round 2 Semi Final Final Winner
John Dunne Vs Kitty Quinn Paddy Sinnott Michael Timmons Pat Timmons
Kitty Quinn
Joan Sinnott Vs Paddy Sinnott (1-Up)
Paddy Sinnott
John Downey Vs John Downey (1-Up) Michael Timmons
Dermot Hobbs
Victor Tomkins Vs Michael Timmons
Michael Timmons
PJ Naughter Vs PJ Naughter (1-Up) PJ Naughter Pat Timmons
Jim Sugrue
Dermot Prendergast Vs Dermot Prendergast
John Sweeney
Dave Kinsella Vs Dave Kinsella Pat Timmons (3-Up)
Richard O'Connor
John Jordan Vs Pat Timmons
Pat Timmons